„MOTHER: The Project”

Kana Theatre (Poland) www.kana.art.pl
"MOTHER: The Project" is a surprising, ironic and humorous story about young mothers, discovering bright and "dark" sides of motherhood, delights and difficulties of being a mother - a story about their struggle with themselves and the world around them, with meanings and expectations of "being a good mom". Can a kind and loving mother take liberty of a moment of weakness? Is she allowed to feel helpless and confused, furious and frustrated? Does she have the right to express her emotions? "MOTHER: The Project" shows how young mothers function in our society. It examines whether they have the space and conditions to freely express themselves and to fulfill their needs. It asks whether the state supports them in childcare and return to work. "MOTHER: The Project" is addressed not only to women but also to men: partners, husbands, fathers as well as singles. For those who experience motherhood it can provide support and opportunity to release difficult and hidden emotions. For those who still plan to become pregnant it can become a source of knowledge and encouragement to be a conscious parent.