Połowisko youth group of Kana Theatre (Poland) www.kana.art.pl
Manchineel is considered to be one of the most dangerous trees on Earth. Its green fruit tempts with its sweet, pleasant smell evoking the memory of a ripe apple, but when you bite it, it turns out to be incredibly tart, peppery, burning and suffocating. So much so that you may find it difficult to swallow saliva. I taste adulthood with difficulty.The snow, as if it were last year's, sinks to the ground in shame. More and more often I can hear: "you are an adult, you should understand". I understand nothing. It was supposed to be different. The chestnuts trees were supposed to bloom... The world had a different plan. I don't know: should I laugh, should I cry, should I scream? The performance is our attempt to get accustomed with the tart taste of manchineel. It is a diary of a lost spring and a trace of notes from a hiding place. It is a question about the world from the perspective of the balcony. It is a longing for the taste of an apple. And good bitter tea.